Our Foundation supports

Do you also want to live and work together, on an equivalent basis? Then you can ask for financially support for your project or activity to the Gerard Endenburg Foundation. We support initiatives and projects who contribute to social innovation, participation and social cohesion, by using or intending to use the sociocratic circle-organization and decision-making method (SCM).

Possible initiatives and projects

You might think of projects like:

Sociocracy in Local Governance
Supporting a municipality or group of municipalities that see the implementation of SCM as a way to improve participation. "How do you organize sociocratic participation of residents?" Our support can result in a developed structure and guide for SKM in Local Government.

Encouraging sociocracy partnerships within the Public Administration
Cooperation between several provinces, countries and organizations. Think of cooperation by NGOs with governments and public-private partnerships.

Interdisciplinary work in the health sector
To improve the quality of healthcare the cooperation between medical professionals is more and more important. How can different specialties from different cultures understand each other better? Thinking and working in a Sociocratic way creates and promotes equivalency and is a perfect basis for collaboration and quality.

True sustainability in the financial sector
Wouldn’t it be nice if the sociocratic way of thinking gets familiar in the financial sector. As foundation we would like to support initiatives which support the principle of equivalence as a way for more sustainable thinking in the financial world.

Stimulating innovation by sociocracy
In companies and organizations ideas for innovation are coming from operational level. Most good ideas however are stopped by the middle management. Sociocratic circle organization is much stronger and more effective in rapidly implementing innovative ideas from the bottom to the top of organizations (AR:)and the other way around). Which CEO or director would not want that? As a foundation, we are pleased to support the development of a Roadmap for innovation, based on SCM.

And much more
But you can also think of initiatives with the aim to:

  • Improve self-managing teams in youth care, thanks to sociocracy
  • Add value in public-private partnerships by the decision making where every vote counts.
  • Sociocracy as a basis for healthy cooperation in Hospitals
  • New leadership = sociocratic leadership = correctable leadership = vulnerable leadership = strong leadership


How to apply for support?
Download the application form, see link at the end of this page.

Criteria for applications
The board of the foundation has a number of criteria for assessing applications:

  • Aid Foundation GEF is focused on concrete, nameable projects in the preparatory phase and is never a permanent support.
  • The GEF provides financial support for organizational relationships *); not governments or institutions in which commercial, political or religious goals prevail over social interests.
  • The maximum contribution has been set by the GEF at 20.000 euros per application. 

*) Organizational contexts is meant as people with a common goal which entered into a certain, proven, organization (workgroup, project, association, foundation, cooperative, etc.) and know themselves as such connected with each other and their ambition.

NB This means the GEF in principle does not provide financial support to individuals sec, there is always a connection with its organizational context, financial contributions should be such as required and contribute to the greater whole.

Note: We work with deadlines for submitting applications! the next is :  January 11;  March 22; May 15; September 6; November  7!

If you have questions or need guidance please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have made an English translation of our Application Form.
You can access it here.